NoteStuff 3
The PERSONAL Wiki with Markdown and MORE
Why get NoteStuff 3?
NoteStuff 3 is the one of the most powerful, and note takeing iOS apps ever—now OPTIMIZED for iOS 8! NoteStuff is used by individuals, families, professionals and teams. NoteStuff is used for noting those special thoughts, the running thought on a sleepless night, that important phone call, getting things done…
Expanding upon the simple note taking abilities, and swiping from note to note, there are powerful tools at your finger tips. The popular text notation MarkowMarkdown is  makes formating your notes in complex ways so the page can look th eway you want it.  
Markdown and Wiki
NoteStuff is about capturing your thought or reminder the way you want. Create a new page and start typing. Group your pages into Books that make sense to you. Swipe left and right within the book to persue the pages for that thought. Search all the books for the notes you recall.
Simple note taking
Cool way to work
Rather than the typical structure and forms to complete, NoteStuff allows you to work the way you want to. Take the notes on each page. Insert links to other pages to link thoughts and information. Use the linked pages to find lost thought, and the Edit button to change the found link to what you wish.